Help me, please, Arrested Development fans

I’m not sure if this belongs here or in the Game Room…

My fantasy hockey league this year has an Arrested Development theme. Every team name is supposed to be something AD-related. I’ve watched the show several times, but I’m by no means an expert.

I’m sure there are lots of funny little quotes etc. from the show that would make a good team name. I know there are some big AD fans here; does anybody have any suggestions? It would be a bonus if you can give a little bit of background context from the show to explain the name.

“The Analrapists”

The Never-Nudes
The Seawards
The Cornballers
The Huge Mistakes
Girls With Low Self-Esteem
The Blowhards

“the Seaward” Which is the name of their boat, but whenever their mother hears them say it, she thinks they are referring to her (C-word).

Banana stand

Bluth Company


Maybe try to play on words using: Loblaw, Maeby, Zuckerkorn, Gob, Funke, etc.

Hmm, not bad. Pronounced ah-NAL-ruh-pists, right? It’s a league with my co-workers though, so it might be slightly too risqué. I will keep it in mind.

And double post - the Chicken Dancers. They all do a chicken dance to mock their brother Michael for being a chicken. Each does a unique dance.

“The Seawards”, or if you prefer, “The C-Words” (The Seaward was the name of the family’s yacht, but Lucille sometimes thought it was a word her kids used to describe her when they didn’t want her to know what they were talking about [Michael: “Gob, I want you to get rid of The Seaward.” Lucille: “I’m not going anywhere!”])

“The Bob Loblaw Law Bloggers”

There’s a softball game in one episode. I think the team names are just “Bluth Company” and “Sitwell Enterprises.”

What’s that about?

Seawards is good.

Never-nudes is kind of funny.

And none of them resemble a chicken in the slightest. That’s one of my favorite AD inside jokes.

I’ll suggest:

Red McGibbon and Bullet: Nazi Hunters

The Lucilles
The Final Countdown

Mind the Poppins! - in the “Wee Britain” neighborhood of southern California there is a Mary Poppins doll attached to a zip line that flies through the air at regular intervals, knocking over people who don’t remember to “Mind the Poppins!”

Red McGibbon and the Bullets - based on Uncle Jack’s famous radio show, Red McGibbon and Bullet. You can use the catch phrase, Shoot me!

other key words from the show:

I’ve made a huge mistake!
The Big Yellow Joint
Blue Man/I just blue myself
Mr. F
Lucille/ Loose Seal
The Final Countdown
The Gothic Castle
Dipping into the Kitty
Gareth Cutestory
Hot Cops
Justice is blind
Bob Loblaw, attorney at law
Les Cousins Dangereux

aaaah - there are too many to keep going on. I just don’t know enough about hockey to make any of these into some kind of neat pun.

Explanation: Martin Short appeared in a few episodes as a former 40s movie star, famous for his role in “Red McGibbon and Bullet: Nazi Hunters”. Kinda obscure. I think I’d personally go with The Lucilles (or The Loose Seals) or The Cornballers.

Les Cousins Dangereux!

If there’s gonna be a team called “The Sitwells” there ought to be one called “The Standpoors”

The Shemales (pronounced Sha-MAH-lays)
The Hung Jury

One of the few things on AD that I never understood at all. Is it a reference to something?

Mary Poppins flying to the Banks’ house at the beginning of the movie. As for why they did it, I think they were trying to make that place as ridiculously over the top British as they possibly could.

Oh, that reminds me… If you can have AD related names also, Mr F and Hermano would be good.

Steve Holt!