Name our Pool Team

Help! We’re the last team in our 9-ball league to come up with a team name and the schedule is being put together tonight. We need to come up with something fast. It can be anything - witty and/or suggestive names are always favorites. Our sponsor is Club Colonnade but that name doesn’t have to figure into it. There are four people on our team, two guys and two gals: Tracy, Pete, Janie, & Betsy. Any ideas?

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

Dip in the Pool. :wink:

Aye Carom-ba !
Nice Racks
Pocket Rockets
Cutey Cues
Masse Masters


The Raymond Masses
The Peason Cues
Cue Tips


The Prairie Oysters

Hot Pockets
Hicks With Sticks
Chalk Won Up

Heck…it’s World Cup time, so some Soccer-flavored versions…

[li]9-Ball United[/li][li]Ball-ern Munich[/li][li]Billiards United[/li][li]Something Else United[/li][/ol]

Or loosely…take anything and stick “United” at the end.


Thanks everyone for the great ideas. I’m IM-ing teammates with your suggestions. Aye Carom-ba ! and Hicks With Sticks have been popular. One suggestion was old bounCe Clan (anagram of Club Colonnade). Nothing’s really rung the bell yet though. Please keep 'em coming.

The Ball Breakers