Help Me PO my Neighbors

My neighbors are sending their offspring off to college-and those tacky stick on labels are making their appearances on their car’s rear windows!
Lttle Johnny is off to Boston U, Sally is off to Notre Dame, etc.
I would like to upstage these shallow poseurs! To do that, Ineed your help-where can I buy adverts for prestigeous european universities? i’d like to plaster MY car with stickers from Oxford (UK), Cambridge (UK), the Sorbonne (France), goetiingen ((Germany), etc.
How do I buy these?:smiley:

Cambridge (Fenland Polytechnic) is not now, nor has it ever been, a prestigious university.

Just get one done in similar style that advertises your alma mater as:

Klingon Warrior Academy

Starfleet Academy

Miskatonic University

Or just remark to you neighbor…“Hell, those schools your kids attend aren’t even in the SEC”, and walk away.

I’d want one for Transylvania Polygnostic University!
Bring down the lightening!*

Go the opposite direction and put on a “San Quentin State” sticker. :smiley:

Or buy a Penn State sticker and reverse the words.

Got a dog? You could taunt them with a bumper sticker like this one (I chose a pug because that’s what kind of dog I have, but they offer lots of breeds). Text of bumper sticker: "My pug is so evolved, that in comparison your honor student is like a primitive fish with legs."

Or, you can go for Miskatonic University, alma mater of Herbert West, to name but one. Go, fighting cephalopods!

That would be cool. Wonder if they’d add one to the store if someone suggested it?

Post the same stickers in your window.

My B-I-L went to Baylor and all I ever heard about was Baylor this and Baylor that. He made a great, big, fat deal about stopping on our way to San Antonio one Thanksgiving to buy new Baylor stickers for his new truck and onsies for his baby, and a t-shirt for his wife, etc. So, one day I pulled up to his house sporting my own Baylor sticker on my car. Now, I dropped out of 3 colleges, none of which were Baylor. He gave me a funny look and I just said, “See? Anyone can buy the sticker.” He always rolled his eyes at my car-it irritated him to no end.

How about Thunderbird School of Global Management? Don’t get much more badass than that.

  1. You know, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to be annoyed by neighbors. Mowing the lawn at the crack of dawn, loud parties til 3am…a collegiate bumper sticker wouldn’t even show up on my radar.

  2. I don’t they’d ever connect your new “Oxford” bumper sticker with their “UND” bumper sticker, let alone be pissed about it. I know lots of people who have collegiate bumper stickers for schools they’ve never attended, so they’ll probably just assume that you’re a non-alumni fan.

  1. You’re bothered by bumper stickers? I barely even notice them. At the most, they get a :rolleyes: from me. But wow, spending money to get back at them, that’s way more effort than I can fathom.

Why not do like the people who, in reply to the parents who put “My child is an honor student at X School” stickers on their cars, put stickers on their cars that say, “My child can beat up your honor student.” Look for a website that makes up custom bumper stickers. Have some made that say, “My high school dropout child can beat up your college student”.

Ah, an Oxford man?

well, you could start with the famous initials of the Sam Houston Institute of Technology

(hey, don’t try to tell me it doesn’t really exist— it gives you 264,000 hits on Google. Teh intarnets never lie :slight_smile: )