Help me propose to my girlfriend!

I’m hoping some of you (or even one of you!) can help me with this. I’ve recently ordered an engagement ring, and it will be ready in 3-4 weeks. My girlfriend essentially picked it out, so she knows it’s coming. This leaves me with timing and language as my means of surprising her.

She’s currently a student teacher, teaching the German language (she’s posted here once or twice, but doesn’t have time to look at the boards right now, so I don’t think she’ll see this). I speak a little German, and we’re working on getting my fluency level back up to where it once was; I took five years of the language but haven’t spoken, written, or read it in four years. I really, really, really want to propose to her auf Deutsch, but I don’t trust myself to get the grammar correct (or even the proper vocabulary in there!).

Can anyone help me with this? I’d love to be able to say something beautiful to her in German, and I think it’s the kind of thing that she would love to talk about when people ask about the proposal, etc.


Hire some Oompah-pah musicians in those dorky leather shorts and have them sing it to her in German (you will, of course, have changed the words to a famous German Oompah song to fit your sentimental popping of the question).

When she says “yes”, have the band slap their feet and thighs in celebration.


Bump - Any other help? Please?

Do you have an idea of what you would say if it were in English? Any examples?

What – tuba players in lederhosen don’t do it for you? Ach du lieber, man!

“voulez-vous couchez avec moi”

Oh no…wait a minute…

(phonetic german) Komme unter meine decke.

That should do the trick.

(Come under the covers)

If your location’s still outside of Detroit, I say take her up to the city all Germans born after 1900 would hate on sight - Frankenmuth! They have a fancy hotel there with a covered bridge next to it, which would make a lovely setting, especially with the cuckoo clock going off in the background. Surely you can get someone there to write your proposal in German on a cake/sign/card or something.
Then you can have some Zehnder’s chicken to celebrate. Swing by Bronner’s on the way out of town to get a Christmas ornament from Germany to mark the occasion. She’ll never forget it!