Help me recall this 70s song

It’s a disco-era song about loneliness, with a male vocalist, and terribly overproduced. I seem to remember Friends using it once when Joey & Chandler were having one of their non-sexual-but-otherwise-totally-lovers’ quarrels; while the song is playing, they are both looking at water falling. Anyone have a clue?

All By Myself, Eric Carmen?

Let me find a youtube…

Based on the OP’s description of the Friends episode (yes, I hate myself for knowing this), yes, you are correct.


That was exactly it and I’ve finished the blog post. Merci!

De nada.
I haven’t watched Friends in um…well, never by choice, I guess, but it seems the typical song to use in semi-parody of people feeling sorry for themselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the only song I could think of that fit.

Also, it’s on my Zune and I hear it at least twice a week at work. :cool:

Eric Carmen, I haven’t heard him in a long time.

Didn’t he have a hit from the Dirty Dancing movie?

Yeah, Hungry Eyes.