help me remember a TV ad for an IT security product?

There was this ad I saw on TV several years ago, probably around the mid-late 2000s. As I dimly recall, the ad has a bunch of IT guys sitting around a table talking about some security breach that hit their company, trying to figure out who to blame for it. When the door to the room opens, they assume it’s the boss and they all immediately start saying “Legacy systems!” “Legacy!” “Yeah, legacy!”. The guy opening the door is not the boss. I want to say he was a janitor? He says something like, “No, guys, it’s your vendors.” Just then a couple guys in old timey “burglar” costumes sneak past them. The ad then plugs some tool that’s supposed to catch insider threats or something. Maybe.

Anyway, I would love to find a clip of the ad. But I can’t remember anything more about it. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?