Internet Security Systems "Payback" Commercial

Is it just me or does the “Payback” television ad that Internet Security Systems has put out kind of make you feel some degree of sympathy with the executive who is angrily reciting what the company has said about him as he deletes the company’s network information.

See the commercial here

Click on “Payback” ad

I don’t think the “Capitalistic Police” commercial works the way they want it to either. The hacker is too likeable.

I had not seen this commercial before, but I do agree with you astro. In the wake of Enron, this commercial simply makes you cheer for the little guy.

I disagree about the Payback commercial. The “hacker” comes off as a vindictive prick who undoubtedly deserved to be fired. But the point of the commercial was that the company’s IT department didn’t think to disable this guy’s accounts the second he was terminated.

On the other hand, the cracker from Capitalistic Police is very likeable. :slight_smile:

Didn’t you know? Bald guys aren’t supposed to be sympathized with.

I know because I am. (balding, that is)