Help me rename my superheroine

I tell myself stories all the time to keep myself entertained. I’ve been using a superhero character but I don’t like the codename I have for her, so I thought I’d ask all the brilliant people here for help.

She’s a fire mage - she can do anything that’s fire related or can be thought of in fire terms, including illusions, pyrokinesis, transformations, etc. (I also stretch it to include teleporting and healing - healing falls under transformations with a touch of cauterizing in there, but there’s no real good excuse for the teleporting). She’s about 25. She’s got brown short hair which is turned black when she’s fighting. She also gets black flame-like patches around her eyes (kinda like classic Dazzler’s, except, y’know black). For the record, she’s white (in other words, I’m not following the stupid tradition that African-American characters need to have black in their name).

I’m currently calling her Black Flame. I stole the name from a previous character of mine, who evolved into little more than a walking deus ex machina. Her real name is June Tind. Yes, she’s a self-insertion character, but she’s not quite a Mary Sue (most people like her, but she’s not good at everything. She’s also tends towards cockiness and gets slapped down for it every now and then. She has to be careful using her powers - it’s easy and very bad to screw up. If I ever get around to actually writing her adventures, she’ll be even less of a Mary Sue.)

So any suggestions? Phoenix and Firebird are right out.

If it’s for internal use only, you could swipe one from a British TV show and have her call herself “The Hotness”.


Corona? Though everyone might think she’d be better with lime.


Maybe this can help…when I play city pf Heroes and Villains and I have a problem finding a name I start looking at names in other languages.

Definite possibilities there. Bel, Belo… I like the healing aspect too - it goes well with the idea of heroism (even if June would rather beat the crud out of people than anything else.)

Alternately Stata Mater looks pretty good because June’s first act of heroism was putting out a major wildfire (the joys of living in California), except the name is kinda awkward. Just Stata maybe?

Hot stuff?
Her Hotness?.
Hottie McHotness?


The kinds of names I’d use ( another City of Heroes player ) :



The Mistress of the Flame

The Avatar of the Inferno



The Burning Woman


The Daughter of the Sun





Rama Eldritch as Fire Whip
Jade Opal as Antigone Flame
Jewell Prometheus as Conflagration

Just some ideas, rather poor at that, in an old school comic vibe.

Why is it, anytime I try to name a female superhero they end up sounding like strippers? :smack: :smiley:

“…And next up fellas, give a big hand for, Jade Opal!!”


A fire powered woman with a stripper name ? Hmmmm . . .

“Burning Desirée” :smiley:



I assume that neither “Napalm” or “Dear God, why is everything I love on fire?!” is appropriate?

Hot Spot
Hot Shot


Too Hot



Burnt Umber