Help me rock my left overs

I love to cook, but I always make too much and for some strange reason my kids won’t eat left overs. BUT, I’ve found out that if I use them to make something else they often love it.

So, here is what I have and what I’m thinking… I have some pot roast done in the crock pot… Chuck that is fork tender, probably about 3/4 lb. About 2 cups of vegies from the same meal, carrots, potatoes, and onion… about 2 cups, and the liquid that I strained from the crock pot. I also have about 1/2 lb of rib eye steak and about 1/2 of a baked potato. These are the left overs I don’t want to waste.

I’m thinking about a Vegetable Beef soup. I also have a box each of Vegetable Stock and Beef Stock, a bag of frozen mixed vegetables, Quaker quick barley, and pretty much any spice/herb you can think of. If needed I also have carrots, onion and a large potato.

Here’s what I’m thinking and where I would love some help. I’m a good cook, but any time I ad lib I worry a bit. I’ll put the Beef and Veggie stocks in a large pot along with the saved juices from the pot roast. I’ll add the frozen veggies to this.

I’m thinking some Oregano, Parsley, Basil, Salt and Pepper. Probably a Bay leaf. I’ll have to read the directions for the barley to see when I should add it. I plan to shred the roast and finely chop the rib eye and add them at the end since they are already cooked and just need to be heated. Same with the roast veggies since they are already soft. I’ll cut them finer and add at the end. What I’m not sure about is if I should chop the baked potato and add that… I don’t want to thicken it too much.

So, am I missing anything obvious or is there anything that is screaming out “No!”

Mmmm…the first thing I thought is to cook a couple more potatos and throw everything in to a shepherd’s pie.

You could also make beef hash for breakfast. Top with a couple of eggs.

My first thought was Shepherd’s Pie, but I do love me some beef and barley soup.

I would leave out the baked potato. It will completely dissolve anyway and thicken the stew/soup. Unless you want stew, basically, then by all means throw it in.’

I usually unload my spice cabinet into soup … well, within reason.

I’ve never had nor made shepard’s pie. Care to help a brother out on what is involved (yes, I know Google is my friend, but I’m really lazy).

Oh here’s something I’ve been doing with leftover pork chops or pieces of chicken: I save them for quesadillas. I think I offered this tip somewhere here before, but anyway —

Save the chop or breast, and throw it into the food processor with a little broth or water until you have a very finely chopped bunch of meat. Then spread on tortillas with some refried beans, cheese and whatever hotness you want to apply (I love chipotle), fry up on a griddle and serve. Yummy. In fact, that’s what my children call them, Yummies. :slight_smile:

Put everything in a baking pan. Season with your favorite seasonings; I like sage.

Cover with whipped potatoes.


Bob’s your uncle.

I don’t think I’ll do it with this, but I guarantee I’ll use this hint many other times. In fact I just treated myself to a very nice Cuisinart Griddler due to a nice gift from my company for hanging around for 25 years ($750 in Amazon gift cards). Basically a super nice Paninni press/Foreman grill (no it wasn’t the full $750). I hadn’t thought of it but quesadillas would be perfect on it an my wife absolutely loves them.

We’ve got pulled pork on the menu tonight and I’m sure there will be left overs that will be quesadillas later this week.

Thank you for the idea!

:smiley: I love that Brit-ism!

Or as I like to say: Robert is your mother’s brother. Yeah, I get odd looks.

Leftover beef always becomes chili in my house.