Help me source this ladies runic sweater, please

I was watching Time Team, Season 16, Episode 03, at Scargill Castle, when a woman appeared wearing a sort of fair-isle sweater featuring ducks and runic lettering. I’ve become completely obssessed with this sweater. Here’s a screenshot I just made of it:

It’s brown and white, primarily, with black, grey and burgundy details.

The episode was filmed in 2009, in Durham, England, although there’s no saying when the sweater was made. I’m not even sure if it was hand-made or purchased somewhere.

If any can point me to something similar, either in pattern or for purchase, I’d be delighted.

I saw something similar at Anthropologie in a mall. This was ~3 years ago or so and it was longer, almost tunic length but it had ducks. I remember it because I almost bought it, decided it was too $$$, and then when I changed my mind and went back it was gone.

I doubt you’ll find the exact pattern, it’s maybe a ten or fifteen year old item, but you might get close.

I suspect it was a one-off creation. This isn’t that hard to do, and I did a few in my younger days.

Get a plain pattern for the style of sweater you require.
Carefully go through the pattern to get the detail of the number of rows and number of stitches in each row.
Get a large piece of squared paper, a pencil (or several colored pencils). An eraser is also useful at this stage because you will make mistakes.
Shade in the squares to create your pattern.

When I was eighteen I used the above method to create a Dark Side of the Moon sweater, complete with upside down prism and spectrum on the back.

I’d guess it’s either Scandinavian or Baltic. I see similar sweaters every time I visit Latvia (though I don’t think I’ve ever encountered one with ducks on it).

Searching tribal nordic sweater will get you a lot closer to what you are looking for.

If you like ducks, try searching Cowichan duck sweater.

A lot of pictures of sad hipsters in ugly cardigans, you mean?

I searched on Aztec jumper, which netted similar results, though with fewer hipsters.

Do you have a different Google than I do?