Help me think of a name for a gardening project (that I intend to write up online)

This year, I have decided to grow only those vegtables that can be started from seeds or parts saved from kitchen veg, beans/peas from dry ingredient packets and leftover/waste such as sprouting potatoes and garlic.

(I should mention that within limits, I’ve done this before and I’m aware of some of the pitfalls such as unpredictability of seed saved from F1 hybrid crops, but I also know that decent results are possible)

So I need a name for this project - ideally a word or short phrase that does have some sort of connection to the topic/theme (re-use/frugality/growth/regrowth) - neither too mundane, nor too grandiose.

By way of example of the sort of flavour I’m looking for, Project Ebenezer is another one I currently have underway - in which I am saving up any money I find, with a view to funding Christmas lunch this year.

Forgive my ignorance, but is there another kind of vegetable?

The Last Compost.

I mean, as opposed to buying (often expensive)packets of seed, onion sets, seed potatoes from a gardening or hardware store.

OK, sorry, I see now. Will try to let this idea germinate into a productive term. :stuck_out_tongue:

Soylent Waste
Don’'t Throw It, Grow It!
Project Mangetout
Screw The Seed Companies
Gardening For Beans

I like this one, although I was also going to suggest Project Mangetout :wink:

I like Gardening for Beans. :slight_smile:

A few more random ideas:
Project Samwise (since Samwise started off as Frodo’s gardener)
Project Peter Rabbit
Ant vs Grasshopper (after the tale by Aesop, though I think it might be better suited to a preserving/canning project)

Garbage To Greenage

Project Progéniture


After the fall gardening
After the fall garden


This is what you will be doing after the economy collapses or whatever disaster makes you go out and scrounge for seeds, because you can’t just buy them. Even if it’s only a personal disaster.

Also maybe:
Scrounge around gardener

Garbage Can Gardening

Grocery Gardening

Someone wrote a book called Don’t Throw It, Grow It!, though it’s about growing windowsill plants from kitchen refuse, not vegetable crops.

The Scrappy Gardener

Episode 1: A Fistful of Collards
Episode 2: How Greens Was My Valley
Episode 3: War and Peas
Episode 4: To Beans Or Not To Beans

After daytime TV shows (soaps–some still on, some not): :smiley:

As the Veggies Turn (As the World Turns)
General Germination (General Hospital)
Days of Our Scallions (Days of Our Lives)
Dark Shallots (Dark Shadows)
The Guiding Lettuce (The Guidling Light)
Secret Storehouse (Secret Storm)
The Edge of Corn (The Edge of Night)
The Mung and the Radish (The Young and the Restless)
One Tomato to Grow (One Life to Live)
All My Vegetables (All My Children)

A Veggie Tale
The Green Being

Keep Your Veggie Bin Laden

Or maybe not.

Slow clap

Here We Grow Again