Help me think of name. You know you want to....

So my sister is a cancer surviver (Hodgekin’s) and is sponsoring a team for this year’s Relay for Life. The theme this year is “Pirates of the CUREibbean” and for some reason my sister thinks that I should be the one to come up with the team name. Unfortunately for her, I got nothin’.

I need something that incorporates a pirate theme as well as something to do with fighting cancer. The only thing I could come up with, Captain Jack Marrow, was universally (and appropriately) shot down.

So I put it to you, good peoples of the Doper community. Don’t let me down.



Jolly Hodgers?

The Nobeards (Blackbeard after chemo).

Uh… The Powdered Wigs
The Swinging Pirates
Up By The Bootstraps
Kraken Knuckles
Lifeboat Party

2 questions.

  1. Were there originally 16 people on the team, but one man died?
  2. If so, would you like me to go to hell for my suggestion?

The Plank Walkers

A bit of a reach…

Department of Home *Platelet *Security.

Yo-Ho-Chemo [and a Bottle of Rum]?

SS FCUK Cancer
Arrrrrrighty Now!

The Black Spots

(Too obscure? Too morbid?)

Long John Cell-count.

The Jolly Hodger’s


ETA: without the apostrophe, of course.

Heh. I like you guys :slight_smile:

So far we’ve got it narrowed down to the No Beards, and the Jolly Hodgers.

Tempting as it was to take credit, I had to admit I was stumped and sent the link to this thread to my sister.

Stupid integrity.