Help me with my Halloween Costume

So we’re hosting our annual Halloween Party. This year the theme is American Politics. So I can be anything from a dead president to some high-falutin play on words about the political process. And I can’t come up with anything.

Well, that’s not true, I suggested that my wife wear a noose around her neck and a name tag that says “Hi My Name is Chad”

I also convinced a buddy to go as Caribou Barbie.
But I got nothing for myself.
Thoughts? Suggestions?

Cheap is good, easy is better. Witty is best of all.

I’m going as Sarah Palin: suit, trademark glasses, up-do and a fake pig nose and tail. Plus lots and lots of lipstick. Yes I’m serious and no I’m not trying to provoke anyone (Here, that is. At work? Absolutely)

Not terribly current (and possibly not terribly political), but when we hosted our “Salute to the Twentieth Century” Y2K costume party, one guy threatened to come as “the grassy knoll” – cover himself with that fake “grass” carpeting, then cut a hole and stick a toy gun through it.

He didn’t, though. Wanker. It would have been hilarious.

Wear hunting gear and have a taget pinned onto your chest with a picture of a quail in the center: Harry Whittington!

Hm. You can wear a suit with some muscle padding under it, and half-cyborg makeup, and go as The Governator.

A real stretch: dress like a hobo and come with a male friend. You’re an unfunded man-date.

Did you by chance see the thread about posting your worst pun? You might want to think about looking that one up. :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m just getting warmed up. Last night this one occurred to me: bring a Razor and a can of peaches. You’re “Scooter Libby”.