Help me with the ‘snot’ rhyme

I bet most anglophones have heard this at some point in their lives:

If you’re dancing with your honey
And your nose is wet and runny
You may think it’s funny
But it’s not! (snot)

I recite this with my 4yo daughter whenever she sneezes or has a dripping nose and she just loves it. She cannot wait to yell ‘It’s SNOT’ at the top of her voice and then breaks into hysterical laughter.

OK, I think it’s funny too. It’s simple, memorable, and about bodily functions. What’s not to like?

I would love it if there were some more verses to this classic, along similar lines.

What do you say Dopers, care to do a bit of juvenile composition and make a 4yo very happy?

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[Communicator beep]: Engineering. Snot here, Captain! :smiley:

That is the only verse of the classic I’m aware of, but there’s always this little ditty:

 *Everybodys doing it, doing it
 Pickin' their nose and chewin' it, chewin' it.*

And my father’s favorite WC Fields impersonation:

 * You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your   
   friends' nose.*

I have no idea why we were so boogercentric.

I say go nonsensical and rhyming with animals whose actions you can imitate. Like:

If you’re flapping like a bat
And meowing like a cat
You may think it is all that
But it’s not, snot!

If you’re jumping like a froggy
And your bottom half is soggy
You may think that is a loggy
But it’s not - snot!

If you’re flying like a bird
And a thing you’ve never heard
Comes flying into third
But it’s not - snot!

Cue, “that’s silly, Daddy.”

She might enjoy this hit by Loudon Wainwright III

Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road

She might like this song by Weird Al: “Gotta Boogie”

My father always ended that with, “The think it’s candy, but it’s not.”

When you wake up in the night
And your nose isn’t right
You may think it’s bloody
But it’s not!

And the last line would be It’s a hot snot sundae with a booger on the top.

This is some good stuff folks – keep it coming.

Just to clarify my OP. Ideally I would like the new verses to have the same meter and structure as the original so I can string them together into one… er… sonnet? :dubious:

And they don’t all have to be about snot. Other bodily functions and secretions are welcome!

I’ll give it a shot…

You go to give your Mom a hug,
and your dad sneezes on the rug,
you think you stepped upon a bug,
But it’s not…(snot)

I thought it was mucous, but it’ snot.

The correct response, of course, is:

This is Kirk. What’s not there? :dubious:

The version I know is:

When your nose is runny,
Please don’t kiss your honey,
You might think it’s funny,
But’s it’s snot.

Heh! I did, once!

You can pick your friends,
And you can pick your nose,
But you can’t roll your friends into little green balls and stick them under the furniture.

I’m sure you’ve sung her Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts, right?

I know OP wants more verses to the initial rhyme, but in the spirit of the above post, my Dad always said:

Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice;
pull down your pants, and slide on the ice.

And when I got a little older:

Hooray, hooray, it’s the first of May,
Outdoor screwing begins today!

I have no idea where he got either one of them. I know they’re not booger-oriented, but it’s silly things that make a kid laugh. Now that I type that, I think there was a thread for that sort of stuff not too long ago…

Here’s a NSFW (naked WoW characters) version of that song, by Jonathan Coulton.

Another boogerific song, courtesy of Dr. Demento and “Sneaky Pete”
Who Put the Booger on my Beer Mug?

C’mon folks. Enough with the boogers already :rolleyes:

OK, I was hoping to get you to do my work for me since I am pretty poor with poetry, but here are a couple I just came up with (and no boogers!)
When your’re eating your spaghetti
And your fork and spoon are ready
But you see some tails and headies
They are worms!

When your tummy’s in a jumble
And you hear some sort of rumble
And the walls begin to crumble
It’s a fart!