HELP! My GF and I share a computer; how does she register under another member name?

The subject says it all. When I go to register her, it says I’m already registered under Origato. Duh, I know that. But there is no option for an additional name.

BTW, she just attended her first DopeFest (mine too, HouDope 2001 #1, great time) with me and wants into the action :wink: I guess.

On the main page ( ) in the lower left hand corner (under the list of mods) there is a link that says “log out.” That will clear the cookie and allow a new user to log in.

In the future, whenever either or you uses the SDMB, make sure that you log out so that the other can log in afterwards.

Zev Steinhardt

Got it! Thanks zev!


You could set up a profile for each of you using the excellent Suggestion for users sharing a computer.