help. My icons are screwed up.

This isn’t urgent, just annoying.

I have an older computer running Windows XP and Internet Explorer. (Hey, I downloaded Firefox yesterday, but don’t have it set up quite right yet. I’ve been using IE so long that it is easy)

Tonight the power went out for a couple hours and when it came back on, my icons are messed up.

They are good on the desktop. Good on the Favorites Bar. But the tabs are all wonky.

The Dope has the Huffington Post icon. MSN has the My Yahoo Icon. Craigslist has Hulu. The Consumerist has I don’t know what.

So. What’s up with that? Do I have to do a system restore? Clean the cookies, temporary files, etc.?

Any help appreciated.

I believe you are talking about the favicons. Have you actually visited those sites since the icons got messed up? IME they’ll reset as you visit their respective site and the browser checks for an updated favicon. If that doesn’t do it, depending on your browser settings, you might need to do a Control+F5 (refresh) when you are on that page, otherwise clearing cookies/temp internet files will probably do the trick.