Help name my puppy!

I have had a bit of a dramatic month here. I adopted the sweetest little french bulldog mix in January. He was a cuddler, just learned “sit” and was getting comfortable with kennel training too. When I came home for lunch after 3.5 hours, he had passed away, presumably from a heart attack is what the vet thought when I brought him in. :frowning: I had named him “Chooch” which is Cherokee for “boy” and is a bit of a term of endearment. (My partner named his american bulldog “Siyo” which is Cherokee for “hello” to match. And I’m not Cherokee, but I just like the words).

Tonight a friend of a friend of a friend heard what happened and said she had a puppy for me. I picked the little guy up and boy what a cutie! He’s a part of everything which includes; springer spaniel, red border collie, lab, and german shepherd.

So that means I have to find a great name for him. I thought “Chooch” again, but I don’t think it suits him.

For some reason “Bergeron” after Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron seems to fit him or I came up with “Gitli” which is Cherokee for dog. I’m hoping to get that perfect name though.

Now for the part you’re all waiting for…the pictures!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

What would you name the pooch?




I wouldn’t go for Gitli, since git means ‘jerk,’ but Bergeron would be shortened to Berger, and he does look like he’d suit Burger. Maybe even just call him Burger.

Sorry to hear about the other dog.


Henry. I don’t know why, but it’s the first thing that popped into my head while looking at his adorable picture.



How odd - that was actually the first name that popped into my head.

If you’re a Vonnegut fan, I’d name him Kilgore. It sounds kind of tough, is funny, and has enough consonants to be easy for him to pick out of ambient noise if you’re yelling for him. And having a dog with “Trout” as a last name amuses me.

Buster. He looks like a Buster to me.

Apparently, a dog’s name shouldn’t be longer than two syllables.

He looks cuddle-licious. Have a long and happy life together!


Sorry about Chooch. :frowning:

New pup looks like a Bandit to me.

Doesn’t Bergeron get shot at the end of that story? :dubious:

Better go with Roscoe instead.


I can’t take credit for this one (that **Johnny LA **is Brilliant!)

I was actually going to suggest “Walleye”, because that little guy seems to have a bit of lazy eye… But initially wanted to go with something from Vonnegut because the OP suggested it. I had forgotten about Kilgore - I really like it.


(Other Vonnegut characters: Rabo, Roland, Proteus, Walter Starbuck, Rudy Waltz, Pilgrim, The Colonel)

And don’t forget Kazak - the dog name that reappears all over the place. (Okay, I looked that up.)

Wilbur. Or Gus.


He looks like a good dog for boy or tomboy to have as a sidekick. This makes me think of these names:







Are those blue eyes? if so, How about Frank? Sinatra? or Chairman? He is a handsome boy.

He’s got a kind of tuxedo-thing going with his fur. Maybe you could name him Jeeves and teach him to fetch slippers?