Help name this dog (which we may or may not keep)

Yesterday we found a dog, as detailed here We found a dog - Miscellaneous and Personal Stuff I Must Share - Straight Dope Message Board

She is a brindle and white pit bull (mix?), about 8 months old, who loves to chase tennis balls and chew on a stuffed penguin.

And she actually SMILES:

I don’t like dogs having people names like Brenda or Susan. We also have another dog named Dixie and cats named Merlin and Typhon

So what should we name her?


I’ll have to ruminate on the name for a bit, but I can tell you one thing…

There’s no “may or may not” about it; you’re keeping her. You’ve taken pictures and are picking out names. You’re officially hooked.

You did a good thing. Congratulations on the new addition to your family :slight_smile:


All pits smile.

Best dogs in the world. Hands down.

Aw. She cute. And you’re keeping her, no doubt. Look at that face! She loves you already.

Snickers is good.

In case she disagrees, however…

Sugar (as you initially started calling her)
Molasses ('Lasses for short)

So cute. Congratulations. I wish I had a dog lifestyle. Call her Pearl.

Sonrisa (“smile” in Spanish) or Risa

“Sonrisa” for the smile!!!

(That wasn’t quite a simulpost - I got a phone call!)

My favourite name for animals is Skeelers. It’s a Dutch word for inline stakes.


Fenrir is a boy dog name.

I think Snickers is awesome, she looks kinda nutty and has a nougaty coat :smiley:

At least two syllables, easier to call.
Snickers is cute, but it doesn’t sound very girly. She seems girly to me.

Flower (like the skunk…she has the skunk stripe in her face, white in the middle)
Bella (too bad about the Twilight connection, that used to be a great name)
Amity - good name for a pit. Sets the tone.

Whatever name you choose, remember that one day you may be running around the neighborhood shouting it.

Congratulations, she’s cute. That big smile kind of looks like the Joker on Batman.

Someone else told me that too! I’d name her Joker, but that’s too boyish for her feminine ways.

I second Izzie.

Sully, after Sully Sullenberger, the pilot who landed the plane on the Hudson and was soooo daaaamn cooool. Purely because I vowed to name my next pet Sully, after him - it sounds like a pet’s name - and then forgot. Twice. :smack:

Mickey. Pet names are good if you can put a song to them.
Tink. As in Tinkerbell.
Ruby. Lots of song possibilities there too.
Cthulhu. :smiley:

And I still like the idea of naming her after the day of the week she was found, like someone suggested in the other thread. Glad your’re keeping her. :slight_smile:

For a pit, even a mix, pick something fluffy and girly. It will go far if anyone is afraid of her. A friend had a huge pit named Bubbles. When people try to say they’re scared of him he responds with something like, “You’re scared of Bubbles?!” Most folks automatically crack at least a smile.