Help! Need to find a 1993 "Precious Moments" birthday train!

The nitty gritty:

My daughter is turning 16 this year. As in the title, I need to find all the 1993 “Precious Moments” birthday train pieces from birth to 16. Any help tracking these down would be greatly appreciated.

The sordid details: When my wife was pregnant lo these 16 years ago with her first child (and as it turns out, only daughter) she bought the complete “Precious Moments” birthday train, and gave one as a gift each year. A couple of years ago it came crashing down off it’s stand and most of the pieces were destroyed. Wife and daughter were both distraught.

Sweet sixteen is coming up in a couple of months, and I’d like to surprise them both with a replacement if I possibly can.

Thanks in advance.

As much as it pains me to support anything related to Precious Moments, you can find pieces in mint condition on eBay, and most pretty inexpensively.

I’m looking on ebay, youbetcha, but there are only 6 results for 1993, none of which are part of the train :frowning: So it’s slow going.

Hereare some collectors’ sites where you can look for items for sale.

Thisplace appears to have it all.

Hallmark stores generally carry them as well, if the other, less expensive, options fall through.