Help! New interface = Unable to edit my profile

Couldn’t help but notice that there’s a new design to the interface now–one that I think is clunkier and more “busy”-looking. But that’s neither here nor there.

But what I’ve noticed in posting today with this new “look” is that my Sig (which I disabled long ago) is now showing up on all my posts automatically. Going into my profile, I notice that even though there are other fields that I can edit (indicated by the little pencil icon), Sig is not one of them. So I can’t disable it, nor can I change it to something else.

Similarly, I decided to check out my contact info, only to discover that that’s also out-of-date, but also something that I can’t revise. Again, no pencil icon, no prompt anywhere to indicate a means of changing that. So it’s obsolete info, but info that’s locked.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

What do you see when you click “User CP” at the top and then “Edit Signature” under “Settings & Options” on the left?

Google ads also bypassing my adblocker with the new interface.

Get a better ad blocker. Some are more intuitive & accurate than others.

uBlock Origin is considered one of the best. The Google ads have just started slipping through. I’ve posted on the uBlock forum, I’m sure someone will suggest a filter to stop this. (Oddly it’s only one Google ad getting through, the one for the Nexus7 tablet.)

I must be sharper at this stuff than I thought. Worked out how to filter the ads myself. All good again.

I use uBlock in conjunction with another one. (I know they say not to, but I actually notice faster speeds.)

The Nexus ads, though, aren’t ads–at least they weren’t yesterday. That’s why it’s not picking up on it. Manually blocking them should take care of the issue.

Ah! I didn’t remember that interface (I was clicking my User Name in the upper right hand corner).

That appears to do it. Don’t know why the Sig started popping up on its own, but at least I can change it now. Thank you, Debillw3! :cool:

No problem.

As for why the sig is showing, when you post, there’s a checkbox that says “Show your signature” below the post–it used to be unchecked by default; with the new design, that’s switched and you have to uncheck it yourself each time.

Someone in another thread, don’t remember who, provided the filter for that weird ad:

Your particular adblocker may have different syntax, but this will at least give you a lead.

Props to whoever it was!

not sure this is the right thread. . .I used to be able to access the Straightdope main page from the message boards by clicking on the banner at the top of the page. there is a link at eh bottom of the page that does the trick - I never noticed that link before. Not sure if this was meant to be a change or not. . .thought I’d mention it.


Hmm. I don’t see that link at the bottom of the page. And of course, the banner at the top is no longer clickable. The only way I can get to the main page is by typing into my address bar. Or to bookmark it.

I see the link to in the blue bar just above the bottom of the page, over on the right side.

If I hover over the words “THE STRAIGHT DOPE” in the banner at the top, it shows as a link to

Does it not do the same for you?

Up until the change, clicking the banner would take you to the Straight Dope column - . Now it takes you back to the Board’s homepage.

I was referring to the “the banner at the top is no longer clickable”–I made it clearer on edit.

No. I’m on a phone.

I see that now, too. I didn’t notice it before.

It works on my iPhone too.

It doesn’t work on my Android. How do you hover on a phone, anyway?