Help pick my theme song

I’ve decided that I need a cool theme song. I’m going to start carrying around a cd player and play my theme song every time I walk into a room. The only problem is I don’t know what my theme should be, and I need suggestions. I’d like something in an evil supervillain motif but nothing too cliché (like “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana). Any suggestions?

I think your theme is “You Light Up My Life” by Debbie Boone.

Or, perhaps it could be substituted with “Centipede” by Rebbie Jackson.

I suggest “Winona’s Big Brown Beaver” by Primus.

I wrestled in high school, and as high school wrestlers go, we were easily amused. In fact, we decided that our high school team was little more than a front for our own wrestling promotion. Every member of the team chose a prominent pro wrestler to rip off shamelessly, and would go around spouting catchphrases, naming their favorite moves after that guy’s finisher, etc. We also each had our own theme songs.

I was Tom Van Dam, Mr. Wednesday Night (most of our matches were on Wednesdays). I was the master of the Five-Star Footsweep (basically tripping a guy and taking him to his back) and the Van Tominator (a head-and-arm throw). And my theme song? “Diesel Power” by Prodigy. Yeah, I know, it had nothing to do with the character, but I always kind of enjoyed blasting it for no apparent reason.


And thank you for your time. :wink:

Well, in light of the fact that you could not get a word in edgewise between elmwood and me at Amigo’s, I think “You Talk Too Much” would be a most ironic choice. :wink:

Nice to finally meet you!

Theeeeeeeeeeee wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round…

On the Seinfeld rerun last night, Elaine chose “Witchy Woman”. But her date wouldn’t let her keep it. Hilarity ensued.

My friend and I were just talking about theme songs. We both said that if we ever got on the WWF, her theme song would be some punk song, and mine would be “I’m going straight to hell” by Drivin’ and Cryin’.

If I knew more about you, I could probably help.

Mine is “Shaft”. :smiley:
Well, actually, it’s not … but I think that just sounds cool. My theme song probably varies with my mood – the occasional Fleetwood Mac (“You can go your own way…”), the occasional praise song, the occasional Sarah McLachlan…

Right now I’m leaning towards the theme to “Thunderball”, which I’ll blast on a boom box while I do karate moves in time to the music.

In keeping with the Bond theme, how 'bout “Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”? :slight_smile: