Help! Please Spoil Shield Season Finale For Me!

I have digital cable and to program, all you have to do is press a button and it tapes the episode.
Normally, no problem.

But with the SEASON FINALE of The Shield, the damn thing seemed to have cut off the last 5 minutes! I saw the whole episode up until Vic goes to his house, knocks on the door and tells his wife he is really sorry about how this is ending up and.
That was it.

What happened after the money train? Did they go count it somewhere or anything?
What happened to gay cop in his backyard?
Basically, what the hell happened at the end?

And was this episode longer than 60 minutes and my digital programming simply didn’t get that info?

Thanks in advance! (This show is SO good…deserved the Emmy!)

The show closed with Vic and his crew staring, dead-eyed, at the mound of cash shortly after the scene with his wife. Also, Acevedo won the election, if you missed that.

That’s it.

Julian (the ex-gay cop) got a blanket party beating by the fired cops (I guess they blamed him for tattling or something). The two that were giving him crap were leading the gang. It ended with his new son finding him covered in blood and calling for his mom.

There’s going to be a next season, right?


So I guess I didn’t miss more than 5 minutes…I was afraid it was a two hour season finale or something.

And I think, with an Emmy win and huge ratings for little FX channel, there is no doubt that there will be a next season!!!

Great ending to a great season.

BTW, can anyone tell me the name of the song that was playing at the end?