Help - rescue me from the guy I am burglarizing!

Dueling 911 calls

You couldn’t put this stuff in a script :smiley: Sort of like chutzpah is a man up in front of a judge for killing his parents throwing himself on the mercy of the court for being an orphan.

At least they didn’t have a shootout, but do you think that the burglar is going to try and claim not guilty when he comes up at trial?

The article headline is weird. It reads like there’s a city called Intruder in Oregon. And will somebody tell AP that we don’t use Ore as the state abbreviation anymore?

What ever happened to “burgling” as a perfectly good word? One who burgles is a burglar. One who burglarizes would be a burglarizer.

In other words, I got nothing.

At least they arrested the right person?

Miss. is still used quite often for Mississippi. I don’t understand it. Maybe it’s for those dummies who can’t tell MN, MS, MI, MO and MT apart.

A burglar isn’t one who burgles. I’m not going to say “burgle” is not a word, because clearly, it is exists and people use it. But as far as I know, the word “burglar” existed as a noun first, and “burgle” was considered a humorous and substandard back formation. So in forming a “correct” verb from the word burglar, there is nothing wrong with “burglarize.”

In other words, I too got nothing.

Suddenly I’m in the mood for a burger.

From the CNN story, “The suspect, Timothy James Chapek, was in the bathroom taking a shower when the homeowner returned to the house Monday night, Portland police said in a statement.”

Taking a shower in the middle of burglarizing a house?

It’s dirty work, you know.

Better go find the hamburglerizer

<Steve Martin>

Aye wood layake to buy a 'amburgulare


Luckily, the prices are very low.

Anyway, the kind of utter self-centered idiocy on display is fairly understandable given that it’s coming from a criminal. The burglar is probably a repeat offender and would need more than prison to become a productive member of society.

I shall gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburglerizer today.

I recall a news story years ago with a burglar who was caught because after he gathered up the stuff he intended to carry off, he fell asleep in the owner’s bed.

Moral of the story(s); burglars tend to not be the intellectual elite of the criminal world.

From the article and the video, it doesn’t sound like he was there to burglarize the house. He broke in for the express purpose of taking a shower. I’m guessing “recently homeless” rather than “dumb criminal.”

He wanted to make a clean getaway.

badumbump I’ll be here all week folks! Tip your waiters.

We were once burgled back in 1979, and the police asked us if any sandwich fixings had been left out. Apparently they had had a string of break-ins where the burglar had made himself a sandwich before leaving but didn’t clean up afters.

This post has been hamburglerizer by the hamburglar!

I’ve heard that’s pretty common with homeless burglars. They break in, eat, drink your booze, shower, and steal your stuff. Some might hang around all day if they know the owner is at work.

I see articles about this happening pretty often.

It gets worse, he was arrested again.

If I was the woman whose house he was showering in, I think I’d be a little upset he was back out on the street again.

Postal abbreviations are not supposed to be used except in addresses. It’s a style thing.