Help! (Travel-related)

I’m heading out to Houston this summer with one of my friends, and we want to fly, to give us more time actually out there. We’re not exactly loaded, but we need cheaper tickets…does anyone know of anything besides Travelocity that’s reliable? Have any of you tried something that worked? Please help me!

I’ve done this a few times: I use Yahoo travel to determine the best fare available, then use the company web page (Invariable AA, since I live in Ft. Worth) to actually book the ticket.

I’ve used which my mother-in-law has assured me is cheaper than travelocity, but I’ve never bothered comparing prices.

Since Houston Internat’l (IAH) here houses a major Continental hub, you can frequently find good deals through their website. I’m signed up on a mailing list from them, CO.O.L. (for COntinental On Line), which sends out “last minute” type good deals, maybe like $189 to NY/LaGuardia, if you can fly THIS weekend. Obviously, you’ll want something a little more scheduled, but the site may be worth a look.

Oh, and FWIW, you’re coming to Houston in the summer? What’re ya, NUTS?!?!

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  • Dave

I have gotten a couple of absolutely amazing deals at Thier site is slow & cumbersome, but I saved some serious dollars.

Houston in August!? argh.

Last fall I wanted to go from Michigan to New Hampshire or Albany, NY. Air fares were $450-$600 through Travelocity and the big air carrier’s websites. I went to, and saved a bundle… really! I think it cost me about $210 altogether. (Disclaimer: I am not William Shatner, his toupee, or a former Star Fleet officer)

I’ve heard that Priceline wants to build their customer base, so for new customers, they are more willing to accept lowball bids than otherwise. You might try a fairly low bid, and see if it works. I put in a bid of $130 or so, and got a message that, based on previous transactions, there was a 14% chance of them accepting it. They recommended that I change it to $230 or so. I could then continue, or change my bid. I changed it to $180. With the taxes and fees, it went to about $210.