Help troubleshooting fridge?

So, a couple of weeks ago I changed my fridge setting from “coldest” to the middle setting. Then I noticed a lot of water condensing on the top shelves. Also I noticed the seal on the door wasn’t very tight. So two days ago I changed the setting back to coldest, and I tried to close the door more tightly.
I come home today to find that the shelves are now dry, but there is water on the floor. Also some of the food in the fridge is warm! I mopped up the water but it continued to slowly accumulate so I had to turn the fridge off.
The freezer, btw, is fine.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this? I’m praying it’s just a faulty gasket on the fridge door. Thanks.

There is a drain hole in your freezer that is supposed to take water that condenses in the freezer and drop it down through a pipe into a drip pan at the bottom of the fridge, and from there the water is supposed to evaporate. I’m wondering if that drain hole froze over or got blocked somehow.

The vent from the freezer to the refrigerator could also be frozen over, which would prevent the refrigerator from getting cold.

You may have a problem with the defroster which is causing ice to build up elsewhere and causing these problems. Are you getting frost on stuff in your freezer?

Get yourself a cooler and some ice and put your perishables in that, then let the refrigerator/freezer thaw out for a day or so. Then check the vent and drain hole for anything that might be blocking them and allowing ice to easily form over them.

Thank you! Will do.