Help us re-name a kitten! (explanation inside)

That doesn’t usually manifest until adulthood. Altered males don’t develop the thick neck and heavy jaw that unaltered malles have.

Not in my house… the black kitties (one male, one female) have the small pointy faces, and the orange tabbies (both male) have the large round faces.

Really, doesn’t breed come into play a lot more than anything with that? Most black cats have at least some Siamese heritage (according to my vet, anyway) and that would make for smaller heads and faces.

lisacurl, all of my kitties are altered, and the female calico and brown-tabby male have small pointy faces, and the male orange-tabby cat has the big wide face. Maybe it goes with the orange gene! :slight_smile:

Well, I have a twelve week old kitty, one I’ve been trying to find a home for, but have begun to suspect will be staying on. He has had the provisional name of “Tommy”, which I came up with when I had to provide a name for the vet.

If the OP doesn’t take “Ensue” I will.

Any decisions on the name, yet, Mahaloth?
Kitten business is serious stuff.