Help us name our 3rd kitten!

Photos of the new kittens are forthcoming(my wife is picking them up now).

Anyway, we named two of our cats Kaylee and Inara. I know, it’s not that original with Dopers, but none of our family knows the origins of the names. We found out that we are getting a third kitten free, but have no name. We obviously figured Zoe would be a good choice, but aren’t sure we like the name.

Any other suggestions? It’s a girl cat, as are her sisters. The photo below is of “Jill”, the temporarily named cat we are looking for a new name for.

Name this cat!

That face…the cuteness of that face…I can’t take it…must not squeee…must not…


Well, I tried. Give her a day or two and she may tell you her name. It may even be one you can say in polite company.

Cats are small predators with tiny brains; whatever you call them, they probably won’t learn their names. Given that, the names are for your enjoyment, as part of your cat-collecting hobby; it’s like naming all your dolls.

Since you’ve started with a “Firefly” theme, you might as well continue. Since you’re not crazy about “Zoe”, I’d suggest calling it either “River” or “Saffron”.

Disgusting little creatures. My cat is ten years old; he just won’t die.

This must be the most pessimistic post I’ve ever read in a kitten thread.


I hope I love our cats.




Read the “Saffron” entry here.

I feel sorry for you.

All three of our cats know their names. Each has their own distinctive personality, idiosyncrasies, likes and dislikes. They come when we call them. All three play fetch. One is especially good at Tag! You’re it! All three have distinctive voices when it comes to being lonely, happy, wanting attention, or “Gee Dad, scratch me harder over here, will ya?” They give us endless joy and almost no grief. When either of us have stayed home ill, it is quite common to wake from a nap only to find the alpha cat on top of one’s chest with the other two right beside. Their empathy is astounding.


Well, you may hate cats, but you are the winner!

Her name is River.

My wife says “Frank Sinatra, because it has blue eyes.” When I told her it was female, she said “See, it’s even better - it’s quirky to give a female cat a male name!”



I vote for YoSaffBridge.

I’m going to go watch some Firefly now.

My cats definitely know their names. They were tuna-trained - I opened a can of tuna and called them in to get some. Now they come when I call them in the hopes its tuna. And I get a two-fer, too - I get both when I call one, because there might be tuna.

I think you’ll like your cats just fine, Mahaloth. There are days when I could shut my cat in the basement and leave her there for a few hours (and sometimes I do!), but mostly I love her very much. They have amazingly huge personalities for such tiny little bodies.

Seriously, Stir-fry is the best name for a cat, ever.

Steve is the best name for a dog.



Sapphire (I really like this one!)


C’mere you cute little fucking kitten! (Which I think is her natural name)

Too adorable! Gotta go…mascara’s running.

LUH 3417

Edited to add lowercase letters so the name would be in caps.

If your cat does not know its name after 10 years, I suspect that you have simply been calling it “Kitty” and it thinks that that is its name.

Over the last 23 years, we have had numerous cats, of which perhaps two did not come to associate the sound of their name with themselves. Once in a while a call for one cat will bring more than one cat running–thinking that if one has been called, there may be food in the offing–but if they are lying in a clutter on the bed and I call one, the named cat will look around and (if in the mood) deign to respond while the others will ignore me.

Do they ever give you the ear twitch, tom? As in, yes, I hear you, and I know you’re talking to me, but this is me studiously ignoring you.

I vote for Tertia, the Latin feminine for “third” and the name given to third-daughters in traditional Roman homes.

Or, “other cat”.