Help me name our new kitten--er, kittens

Well, we did it. Yesterday we went to pick up this baby girl. She’s very shy, but I think she will warm up over time.

While we were there, we fell in love with this little guy. No, we didn’t plan to get two kitties. Why do you ask? He’s very playful and regards our house as his own personal kitty playhouse.

Side note: Our original cat, Ace, is not very happy with us. He’s okay now because the kittens are confined to the master bathroom.

Anyway, we need names. Because the little boy is such a spas, Skittles seems perfect for him, but my husband doesn’t like that name as much as I do. So I’m open to suggestions for both of them. Classical names, food names, pop culture names–let’s get creative, dopers.

Spaz, I mean. Not spas.

I don’t know… I’m bad with names… but I -did- just spend five minutes looking at my monitor saying “Oh, whosalittle kitty? Whosa cute li’l kitty?”

Sheesh. I’m so glad I’m not at work.

Your little boy reminds me of our Duffy. I wanted to name him Jeremy, but it didn’t fit his personality. Your little girl is a calico and although she doesn’t look much like my calico did, Kali turned out being a really good name for a calico. Of course, I was to dense to realize what I was doing when I named her. I was just picking a name I liked.

Feel free to steel their names. I’m sure they would be honored. :wink:

Welcome to the party ArrMatey!. I have a feeling you’re going to be very comfortable and fit in well. :smiley:

Congrats on your adoptions!

Stan and Ollie

Donnie and Marie

Gracie and George

Hope and Crosby

but you know you’re going to call them “NO-Gitoffadat” and “No-Dondoodatbadkitty” :smiley:

Ohmigod ohmigod! Your new little guy looks just like our Owen - wish I had a picture to link to, but I don’t, so you’ll have to trust me on this one. Duffy seems like a name that fits, too.

When I saw you new little girlie sweetheart, the first thought that came to mind is Lovey. They are both just toooooooo cute!! Congrats on the new additions.

On preview I see two that I really like: Gracie and George. Great suggestion …

Oh, how sweet!!!

I always liked BuzzSaw for an energetic kitten, especially one with a loud purr. Buzz or Buzzy are easy nicknames.

Your little cuddler looks like a Chloe to me, although I’m not sure why.

Pablo for him and, hmm… Pablo for her.

I had a little kittyboy that looked like your little kittyboy. His name was LittleJohn. Maybe your kittygirl’s name is Mavis?

Oh, and since you mentioned food names - how about Cinnamon for the girl and Pepper (or Basil or Tarragon) for the boy?

1920s Style Death Ray


I burning your dog

or… Ford Prefect and Trillian.

Tank and Mona. Trust me.

Scout and Jem.

Looks like they’ve taken your kitties off the site. Too bad, I wanted to see a picture. Congratulations on your babies!

Meson and Hadron

I whole-heartedly agree.

They are cute. The gray one looks like a “Grix” to me. I don’t know why.

Lady Penelope Endicott Diamond and Chief Wiggum

Coke and Pepsi

7:30 A.M. and Paper Clip

Rhythm and Blues

Rogue and Shazam

The links didn’t work for me, so I don’t know what the kittys look like! :frowning: I kinda like the George and Gracie suggestion too, though. For the record, this tarragon is a girl. :slight_smile:

Well I vote for Spaz for your crazy kitten.

That’s my cats name. It’s fun to walk around the house calling him: Spaz! Spazzy Spaz! Oh, Spaztick, where are you.