Help! What was the name of that movie about HUAC?

I saw a movie some months ago, set in the 50’s, and centering on a writer who was brought before the HUAC. It ended with a stirring, impassioned speech which turned the tide in the sentiment of the time, IIRC. I believe it was a recent movie, maybe from the 90’s or later?

Then this last weekend I saw The Majestic, and was trying to remember the (other) movie I had seen in order to rent it, but I couldn’t remember the name. A google search revealed nothing that rang a bell. I don’t think it was Citizen Cohn, but I wont swear to it.

So can anyone help this forgetful doper with the missing title? I would be forever grateful. Well. At least grateful for a couple days. :slight_smile:


There was Woody Allen in The Front and Robert De Niro in Guilty by Suspicion

Bingo! Thats it. Thanks ArchiveGuy!

Guilty by Suspicion it was.

off to video store \ Tivo search…