Help with my Pocket PC

Another tech question from me.

I upgraded (switched?) from my Handspring Visor to a Toshiba E755 Pocket PC about a year ago… with wifi. Fell in love with it, and once I was able to sync with my Mac I abandoned my Palm.

But I’m back on the Palm again. Basically the Toshiba wigged out and will not respond to the stylus. It’s on that damned “align your stylus” page and touching the screen has no effect. I bought it refurbished so I think the warranty is quite expired.

Looking on the net, it sounds like I might have a bad digitizer. Toshiba doesn’t seem to sell the part either. Perhaps it’s time to call in a repairperson?

Any Dopers with suggestions of vendors who might fix a Toshiba Pocket PC? Even better, any Boston Dopers who know of vendors that I can see in person?