Help with MyPoints

A few days ago a mypoints email with an offer for a digital camera came through and I somehow accidentally deleted it.

If you happen to have it around could you please forward me a copy.


** drachillix **…
Uhm…are you looking for the whole email…or just the code?

I could send you the email, but it’s coded to give me the credit, as I understand it. Which doesn’t really work for you. Unless of course you just care about the camera and not the 400 points.

It drives me crackers that mypoints won’t resend those things. I once asked after I did the same thing you did (deleted one I meant to save), and they kept telling me that all offers were for a limited time only. I couldn’t make them understand that the offer HADN’T EXPIRED YET and if their desire was to make sales for their advertisers, shouldn’t they WANT me to be able to take advantage of an offer? It was a fruitless effort.

Just care about the camera…thank you

Okay. Message is on its way to you.