Help with plant ID please

Specifically this one.

Southern coast area of California. Pen for scale. It’s coming up all over my yard and I’m concerned it might be bad for my cats.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Looks like some variety of Tradescantia, also called Wandering Jew.

Looks like they’re bad news for pets.

As I’ve posted before, not to undermine the great detective skill of the SDMB, but I’d suggest you download the app Plantsnap (Plant Snap) for your phone, they have iOS & Android versions. The free version allows a certain number of ID’s a day, the pay version allows unlimited.

You take a picture of the plant and it ID’s it from their database, it also gives you key facts about the plant. Works great.

Here’s another website that you could use.

I started with that website nwh but couldn’t make a positive ID. But thanks.

Thanks for the link gman. I’ll download it.

Everyone else, thank you for the help!