Help with registering domain?

Hi guys. Can anyone recommend who to reserve (park?) a domain name with. I don’t intend to use it right away. I understand there may be problems with my future hosting service if done this way, but I have already lost one name I wanted since yesterday. Did not find question addressed in Search. In fact, I wonder if the checking service stole it.

Go to and register your domain. Any Web host worth paying in the future will have absolutely no problem with you using your own domain name that you hold the registration for. If some host tells you you can’t do that, don’t go with that host.

Make sure you use a valid, real email address for registration. If you ever change or abandon your email address, controlling your domain name will become near impossible. Also, whitelist all emails from or if you can’t do that, at least white list, and Making sure you get and read every email from your registrar is very important - you’ll get emails from them to remind you to renew or if anything fishy happens with your domain.

I do this at You can grab a name for a year for under $10. They’ll try to sell you lots of other ancillary services as you check out, but just keep saying no and you’ll get out for cheap.

GoDaddy it is. Worked exactly as you all described, and noted the cautions. Good deal, thanx!

BTW I also use GoDaddy for web hosting. Good deal, and dandy services, though mine is not a commercial web site. At least worth a look.

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I use 1and1 and have never had any issues with them. I like the fact it’s cheaper for the domain name plus you get free privacy registration. Other registers you have to pay extra.

Often times when you do a search from certain whois sites, they are not exactly legit. What the site does is search for you, then it will register the names you search for you. You have a period (I forget the exact amount of time) to register a domain name then cancel it.

A few times I’ve had the domain taken from under me, I wait a week and it comes back as available again. I only use searches like GoDaddy or 1and1 to see if names are available. is OK too.

So check your domain name over the next few weeks see if it comes back