Help with selling on amazon, please.

Anyone here have any experience with selling on Amazon, as a corporation, if that matters.

I’ve been tasked with acquiring UPC codes suitable for our products in order to offer them for sale on Amazon. I’ve googled and there is a huge variety and the costs range widely.

I’ve tried to find a human to talk to at Amazon to try to find out of there is a list of approved vendors or certified codes vs junk, but I’ve had no luck finding a way to talk to anyone.

Any help would be most appreciated.

I’ve never called Customer Support but I know people who have. Here’s the number – 1-888-280-3321.

I don’t see the connection between UPC and Amazon. Amazon is not in charge of UPC. Furthermore, I doubt that Amazon would even require a UPC to sell stuff on their website. Seems like a waste to me since who would be scanning the bar code? I guess if Amazon were handling the items in their warehouse, they might need UPC codes, but that isn’t what the OP says.

The people you want to talk to is GS1. GS1 is in charge of UPC.

Thanks both of you. I’m being told UPC codes are required and they must be acquired from This is not going to be cheap!

My boss is not going to like the prices at all. Oy vey, there goes my Tuesday.

I have sold dozens of things on amazon with no UPC, PC parts mostly. Amazon is going to use their own internal SKU’s for processing in their systems not UPC.

The only people that usually have a hard on about UPC is direct retailers that run cash registers, as Amazons system already captures the order data digitally ahead of time UPC’s would be silly.

UPC’s are designed to tell a computer what a hand collected order is.


They run online seminars occasionally on this topic. Not sure if you can google them?