Help with St. Augustine quote

I recently got done reading “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding” by John Locke.

I managed to take down a few notes, and a few quotes i liked.

One of the quotes i liked was from St. Augustine; “Si non rogas intelligo” which is translated in the book as “if you do not ask, I understand.”

However when i try to translate it myself on a free site i don’t get that at all, i get “if you wish not rogas understanding”

And even more puzzling to me is when i try to translate “if you do not ask i understand” into Latin i get “si vos operor non scisco ego agnosco”

Can anybody help me translating “si non rogas intelligo” from Latin to English. Or did John Locke have the translation correct?

No, that’s right…

Si non rogas intellego

(si non rogas is the conditional, rogas is the indicative form of “to ask, interrogate”, intellego would be “I understand”)

So, yeah, “If you don’t ask, I understand”