Help with THIS movie..?

I tried looking for it on IMDB, but there wasn’t enough info to go on. I remember seeing this as a kid (I’m 28 now, so this would be late 70’s-early 80’s). All I remember about it were very few details. It concerned a little girl (I’m guessing around 8) who was being chased/pursued/stalked by this dwarf. I remember a scene involving water (like a killing-by-drowning type of thing), and that there was a red raincoat. I keep thinking that it took place somewhere in Europe, but I could be wrong about that. All I remember is that this film scared the crap out of me when I was younger. Any help?

Snow White?
Little Red Riding Hood?
Star Wars?
Let’s Kill Uncle?

Don’t Look Now

Thanks…that COULD be it. But that doesn’t explain the homicidal dwarf I remember. Has anyone SEEN this movie? Or am I inagining the dwarf through some repression, or possibly bleeding in another movie?

Cabbage is definitely right. The film does feature a drowing and a dwarf, as well as Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland having sex.

Try searching for some external reviews via the IMDB page.