Please help…does anyone know a home remedy (that really works) for gas/pressure/bloating?

I’ll try anything! :smiley:

How about baking soda and water?

Assume the position- on knees, head on floor, ass in the sky. I’m dead serious. It allows the gas to, uh, “rise up” as it were, and escape, bringing about relief from pressure.

Or you could lie face down with a pillow under your stomach (probably best to have it lengthwise under you - unless you’re :ahem: overdeveloped at the top, like I am. I put it just below that built-in shelf. It’s another, slightly different way of getting results, this time by applying pressure at the top end to encourage movement of contents - both air and other kinds - in a generally posterior direction. :wink:

My sister who does far more advanced yoga than me advocates lying on your left side and rubbing your stomach in a clockwise direction. For some reason this really does work.

Forgot to add that exercising also helps - when I go power walking, after about 20 minutes I start to let the gas out.