Tummy-ache/bloatiness (slightly TMI)

Here’s to hoping someone of you might have a remedy for me…

This evening I had a four cheese pizza followed by crisps/chips (note I’m in the UK) two hours later in between I had a glass of red berry juice (mix of raspberry, cherry, lingonberry and another berry) as well as a glass of that after the crisps.

Now my tummy feels like the whole kit and kaboodle has started to ferment/solidy and that my intestines are slowly being crushed when I lie down. I’m not suffering from cramps nor diarrhea. My whole tummy just feels mega bloated and that I swallowed a brick…

I have tried to make myself throw up which resulted in some red slush (clearly juice and chips) but it hasn’t done anything to relieve the brick in my guts feeling. As far as meds are concerned I only have Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and imodium at the house and since I am in the UK, running to cvs for Tums or so is not an option

Is there anything I can drink/do to help me relieve this situation? I’d like to get some sleep but any which way I turn, it feels like this brick is slowly crushing whatever is near…ugh :frowning: :frowning:

I feel for you, dude - I get that feeling you have sometimes, too. It doesn’t seem to matter what I’ve eaten, it’s just sitting like a lump in my innards and bloating me up so that even touching my abdomen is painful. Do you have any carbonated drinks? Sometimes a good belch can make a big difference. Drinking more water might help loosen things up, too. I have taken to having Gas-X type tablets in the house for when this happens - I think it is just a big, bad, gas build-up. That won’t help you now, but maybe get some for future use. :slight_smile:

No carbonated drinks in the house - don’t like sparkling water and stopped drinking sodas ages ago.

Might just start keeping a bottle of sparkling water just for these situations in the fridge…as well as Gas-x (though I’ve never heard of it I’m sure I’ll find something equivalent at the pharmacy)

Go for a bit of a walk? I’ve found that when the innards are heavy, that sometimes gets inner muscles moving and can relieve the bloated sensation. Can’t hurt, anyway.

I see that Gas-X is also marketed under the name Flatulex. :smiley: I understand why gas pains make babies cry like that; it’s freakin’ painful.

Bitters. Get a little bitter taste on your tongue to trigger a release of bile so the fat from all that cheese and crisps starts breaking down. The bitterest bitter you can get your hands on. Here in the States, bars often have Angostura Bitters for mixed drinks. I’d drip two or three drops on my tongue. You don’t need much. I keep a small bottle of gentian tincture around, but you probably don’t have that on hand. Many alcoholic “digestives” traditionally drunk after large meals are bitters. In a pinch, even black coffee will help, although it’s not as bitter as I’d like. (Don’t add cream or sugar, it masks the bitter taste. It’s the taste, on your tongue, that you need, so a covered up bitter or a bitter herb inside a capsule is useless for this therapy.)

Endive is a bitter, as are dandelion greens. Eating a small salad of endive or dandelion leaves might help (but, again, don’t try to mask their bitter taste with sweet salad dressing!)

How about tonic water? I keep that on hand for my restless legs - would the bitterness of it work for digestion, too?

It’s worth a try. It’s a pretty mild bitter, but if it’s what you’ve got on hand, use it! The bubbles might feel soothing and “lightening” too, for that matter.