Helpful video game recommendation systems

Good Reads makes decent, if often obvious, book recommendations based on how the user rates books. Are there any similar sites, only for games?

I’m familiar with Metacritic, which makes it easy to find well-reviewed games, and I know Gamespot offers recommendations based off the game you’re currently looking at. I’m hoping for something else.

Better than Metacritic?
Don’t see it - for me that’s the gold standard.

Metacritic is good if you’re looking for well-reviewed games in broad categories. It doesn’t help you find a game similar to other games you like, based on setting or mechanics.

This. I basically regard metacritic as useless, because the types of games I enjoy are usually the ones that the “average” game reviewer is completely incapable of giving a useful review of.

Sadly, I don’t have a solution, other than that if Tycho from Penny Arcade likes it, the odds are pretty good that I will too. has a sister site called is the best board game site and its software is really great. I’m not sure how close VGG is and it doesn’t seem as heavily trafficked but might be worth checking out.

Metacritic is my go-to for videogames. Before them I made heavy use of the player-submitted reviews on GameFAQs - I found that sifting through the median reviews (filtering out the fanboys and the haters on both ends) gave me a pretty solid idea of whether or not I’d like the game.

God damn it if this doesn’t sound like a cool little web app project!

It sounds like it could be really cool, but a lot of hard work in getting the database up and running. But no, I don’t think anything like that exists. And if it does it’s probably overly broad or super obvious.

So you like ElderScrolls V? bet you’d like Elderscrolls IV!

I don’t think getting the data would be all that hard. If you had access to a bunch of user reviews, like what Gamespot or Metacritic have, and the reviews were tied together by user name, you could start making recommendations from those. Assuming the reviews were reasonably legit.

More work would be dividing games into small sub categories of genre and coming up with metadata about genre, setting, mechanics, and probably other things I can’t think of.

The trick with these systems is they require a critical mass of users before they’re any good. You can do some stuff with just tags and other metadata, but the recommendations are going to be laughable (the aforementioned “you liked Skyrim? I bet you’ll like Oblivion!”) until you have a large amount of users that have contributed reviews to feed the system.

Obviously this is a problem with these sites in general, and they’ve been made to work in the past. I’m just saying that if one doesn’t exist now, it’s probably going to be at least a couple years before such a thing gets up and running to the standards of Goodreads or whatever.

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