Helping a romantic rendezvous

My friend and his girlfriend of over a year finally decided to have sex. Since their homes are always occuppied and afford them little to no privacy, they decided to get a hotel room.

With my wonderful internet investigatory skills, I helped lead them to a nice, cheap hotel with a vacancy next weekend where they can do their thing away from the prying eyes of their parents. :eek:

I wish them good luck, and hope they use the appropriate precautions.

It’s so weird helping 2 people lose their virginity.

Perhaps someday, karma will reward me for this good deed. :smiley:

I was going to write something very pithy, witty, and charming. But, I couldn’t think of anything.
Then, I thought I would research something about teenage sex or what have you. But… meh.
Then I thought about questioning why they had to go elsewhere, yada yada… Mmmm…Nah…

So, all I have to say is:
Here’s to love. May it last.

Well, they want privacy. If they had sex in their own (parents) homes, even if they think the house is empty, there’s still the real possibility that a relative would walk in on them. Which they prefer not happen.

Revision: Turns out the lucky place will be a motel. How exactly that differs from a “hotel” I have no idea.

In general, Motels are less expensive and don’t have room service; Motel 6, Super8, places like that. Hotels tend to be nicer overall, cost more, offer room service, and have a pool; Marriott, Hilton, etc.

Cheers to the happy couple.