Her lips are devil red, her skin the color mocha.

Last Sunday: Denver Broncos 44, Cleveland Browns 10.


Hey, I knoew they probably wouldn’t win, but 44-10?!

At leaast we’re STILL better than the Buttholes (Bengles), but let’s be honest, that ain’t hard.

And by the way, my title line came about because “Livin’ La Vida Loca” was on the radio. Sorry to disappoint ya’ll. No sex here. :slight_smile:

Even god fears an angry Brown’s fan.

Hmm. 22 views, 1 post. Might this be the thread that surpasses my “I fucked a hooker last yesterday” thread for greatest views-to-posts ratio?

oldscratch- I think God’s fear stems from the 1970’s, when he sided with Pittsburgh for 8 straight years. We ran him out of Cleveland on a rail for that. :smiley:

Damn! And here I was, all set to post about how stupid that particular lyric is!

I have to add that the first few times I heard that song I thought it said her skin was the color of Okra which I thought was kinda gross until I heard it right

She’ll make you take your clothes off
and go dancin’ in the rain.
She’ll make you live her crazy life,
But she’ll take away your pain - like a bullet through your brain! C’mon!

Go Ricky, Go!

I appreciate the approval of my nick…it has a story, but this is neither the time nor the place :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, it’s afootball thread?

Fuckin’ Niners, can’t win a spelling bee against Dan Quale.

Hell the Niner’s couldn’t win a 500 yard dash against Regis Philbin, even if you poked out his eyes and amputated both legs.

No, that would be my “If you want my body, and you think I’m sexy” thread (oddly enough another lyric quote thread…hhhmmmmmmmm). Currently it’s at a pathetic 3/103 and doesn’t show signs of improving.

Nor could you. The man at least hopefully can spell his last name right:D

yeah, punha, I was going to post that ‘neither could I’ myself, but I felt I had already damaged Lizard’s post-to-view ratio enough. I have to say that your ever present spello-gramatical correctness is gaining some notoriety on this board.

Here we Go Steelers, here we go!

ducks and runs to hide

Guinastasia, you obviously have severe mental problems. I can recommend and excellent doctor. Oddly enough, he works in the Cleveland Clinic! :p:

Hey monkeylucifer, if Satan became an organ grinder, maybe you could be his monkey with a cup! :smiley:

A straw is only able to do two things: suck, and blow.

If you buried a straw for 4 or 5 years, then dug it up, it would still only be able to do two things: suck, and blow.

Recently, the Cleveland Browns resurfaced after a dormant period of 4 or 5 years, and GUESS WHAT!!

Hope there are many more like it, bizzotch.

-Greetings from a rain or shine Stillers fan.

Damn, these make for some weird mental pictures…

Go, um… Redskins?

He can grind my organs anytime…

I’m not even sure what that means…

I thought this thread was about Lola even though I couldn’t imagine why anyone would call her down here.

American football huh? I guess it’s okay when you can’t get the real thing…

ducks and runs

That’s Bengals, dammit! Show a little respect!!! We need a little…

You got lucky in Cleveland in week 2.

You caught us on our shitty streak early in the season.
Sunday at 4pm, welcome to your last game at 3RS. We’ve won our last 3 (and took the Titans to the final minute of the game, not a bad showing, so we’ve played well in our last 4), and haven’t allowed a TD in 11+ quarters. Prepare to die.

Jesus, I didn’t know they still made Brownie fan anymore! :wink: