Here comes the Judge. Ready with that towel and cigarette.

Yes. It’s just what you think. An OK judge is retiring rather than fight charges that he repeatedly masturbated at trials, used a “penis pump” under his robes, and exposed himself to court staff. Here is the Reuter’s story,

I guess now he’s going to have to settle for wanking off to Judge Judy reruns.

Quoth the judge:

I’ll bet.

Wow, he’s in Sapulpa! That’s just south of me. I’d heard about this guy, but I wasn’t aware he was so close!

I heard power is a great aphrodisiac, but this guy must take the cake!

For some reason I find the concept of a judge beating off during a trial absolutely hysterical.


Could any cases he ruled on now be appealed, under reasoning that he was distracted during the case and thus didn’t pay adequate attention?

Thank ghod it wasn’t another Tennessee judge…

I can’t wait to see if somebody gets this joke. :slight_smile:

Will everyone please rise for the Honorable Judge Thompson…except you Judge.

Does this give a new meaning to the Penal system?

Isn’t justice blind…or soon will be?

(slight hijack) MidnightRadio, I used to live in Sand Springs!–In the Colony. Is that still standing? it’s been many years (about 15) since I’ve lived there.

Yeah, it’s still there. It and the Sand Springs Home.