Here's a Devil's Dictionaryesque definition

Big dangerous things that blow up, usually emitting all sorts of icky toxic crap in the process.

Ignore this thread, it was meant as a response to the Weapons of Mass Destruction thread, but I hit the wrong button.

Sorry M.E., I gotta ask…
I’ve seen this happen before, with the same explanation…

I just can’t figure this one out.
I look at my screen and I see [Preview Reply], [Submit Reply], and [Clear Fields].
I don’t have any more options… certainly not [Post to Other/Wrong Thread].
What’s the deal? Is there a ‘wrong button’ on your keyboard somewhere, or is this a Mac phenomenon? :smiley:

He accidentally hit the “New Thread” button instead of the “Post reply” one. To see what I mean, scroll down to the end of messages and look on the right; the two buttons are right next to each other.

Sunuvugun! there they are.
Thank you for Straightening this Dope out.

See, I just don’t put subjects when I’m just replying with a post (it’s optional, people!) and I avoid this whole problem.

For some reason, this is not very comforting: