Heres my 0.2c Lute Skywatcher

I’m not really one for online communities, so generally I just stay away from those threads where people are requesting help in an emergency, or hugs after a disaster, etc etc. Life can be tough, and if people want to help others then more power to them.

But seriously Lute Skywatcher, what the fuck? When I saw your thread title I assumed you were about to lose your house, or needed a life saving operation or something. You know, something important. Nope. Instead you want money to fix the fucking air conditioning.

And then you indicated that your newborn baby was suffering in the heat. After all, the dope is full of cutesy baby names,** Lucky bunny** fits right in. Wait a second! Hold the phone, thats not a baby, you are actually talking about an actual fucking rabbit!

You are begging for money because your fucking rabbit is too hot!!!

Oh it gets better. I particularly liked this bit:

I’m no rocket surgeon, but, heres a funky idea. How about working some overtime for the next three months, see if that covers it? If you recently lost your job then ok, that doesn’t apply, but for fucks sake if you are still working surely starting to save now comes before begging on the internet? Besides which, why is this your brothers fault? Do you need him to fold your loo roll too, why couldn’t you look at your own fucking furnace?
As I say, generally its no odds to me who people donate their money to, but for some reason this really chapped my ballsack. I would like to think that if somebody had to go to the point of asking strangers online for money that it would be because they had reached their last resort, that their reason for asking was so important that they had no other option. Then, when you do see a request thread you know that this is a genuine cry for help, there is no suspicion involved, you help somebody in need.

Creating a thread like this runs contrary to that. Skywatcher isn’t in dire need, he is just worried about his;

Skywatcher isnt at the end of his tether, in fact he even has a back up just in case the dopers don’t pony up enough dough.

Sounds like some savings to me, and by all thats fucking holy, if you have savings Lute Skywatcher than damn sure you should not be on here looking for handouts. If there is information I am not aware of then fair enough, I will apologise, but as I see it this situation is a load of cock, and the mods should not have allowed it.

I misread the thread title as Luke Skywalker using impulse drives.

He’d probably just use the money to get breast implants anyway.

Sound to me like Skywalker is an accomplished mooch.

I endorse this Pitting.

Yeah I’m shaking my head a bit too. I don’t mind the using the animals for reasons as I’m as likely to help for pets as an actual human baby, but having the money and just refusing to use it is where I put my credit card back in my purse.

If something is dire enough to ask strangers on the internet to help you, it’s important enough to use your savings you’ve been adding to for 18 years.

Aaaaand even though no one asked for it: In this economy if you are someone who thinks you MIGHT be in a position to ask for help from strangers AND overtime is offered, go ahead and work it.

What mod did he have to blow to get this OKd in the first place?

I too was troubled by that request. Perhaps the Dopers have been too kind in the past. I once offered help to someone who was posting about some troubles and she thanked me and assured me she could cope. Hmm. Maybe Lute could take a lesson…

bucketybuck: Do you hate puppies, too, or just bunny wabbits? :smiley:

This was the key for me. Retirement accounts or not I’d be spending my own cash before I ever asked for help from someone else.

I think the overtime was what he could have racked up for months if he’d known the furnace was well and truly fucked. And I know how heat-sensitive domestic rabbits can be - mine suffered during the long power outages we had a few times over the last couple years in Chicago, to the point where I put them in my AC’d car for a bit. He rescued a tiny, abandoned foundling, so I’ll help out some, sure.

Lute, if you have access to big (commercial) blocks of ice, try using them in combination with a fan for convective cooling. Try 20-oz plastic soda/water bottles, filled with water and frozen, then stuffed in a tube sock, as something Lucky can lie near. Freeze a bunch and rotate through them.

I’m just thinking about all the bunnies, cats and hamsters that must have died before we had air conditioning. Poor things.

Can I beg for money for my poor dogs eye surgery?
I have enough to cover it but I aint paying for it out of my pocket.

The furnace is 45 fucking years old. I would have been planning on it kicking the bucket for the last 35 years, not the last 3 months. I wonder how the bro feels about getting thrown under the bus for not being some furnace expert on 24 hour call.

Oh man, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought “WTF?” at that thread. I figured I was just being schizoid again.

Yeah, sweating sucks, but don’t window air conditioners cost about $50 these days? Lute Skywatcher probably has that much in change in his couch.

The OP is a great value for 2/10 of a cent.

Mine is 56 years old and works like a charm. Mine’s a boiler though, I don’t know if that makes a difference.

I have a portable fan blowing on me right now. I bought it at Wal-Mart a few years ago for $12.

I’ve suddenly realized that I should be very angry at my brother.

But do you have a bunny?