Hershey's Kisses

Someone brought in a bowl of Hershey’s kisses and I had a few. Is it my imagine or have they gotten a little bit smaller? Not by much but enough to notice when you hold them in your hand. Am I crazy?

Maybe your hand’s just bigger than it used to be?

They’re trying to save chalk?

I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re smaller though. Kind of like a half gallon of ice cream is only 1.5 quarts now.

They have gotten smaller and the tip is more rounded off.

They are also one of the few Hershey’s products that still contain real chocolate.

I probably have half a dozen Hershey’s Kisses a year. They seem the same size to me.

Which of their chocolate products don’t contain “real” chocolate?

Really? There were kisses at a party a few weeks ago; I ate one and it tasted like crappy novelty chocolate. I actually looked twice at the little paper, because I thought maybe the hosts had bought some sort of off-brand / generic kiss-shaped chocolate.

I read that a couple of years ago. Maybe they are no longer one of the chocolate products.


The ones with cocoa butter say “chocolate”. The ones with vegetable oil say “chocolate flavored.”