He's Baaaaack! (Regs say, "Oh God, NO!")

After an extended hiatus, EnigmaOne is back.
Sorry to be gone so long, but it was quite unavoidable–work <ugh!>.
I’m glad to see a lot of familiar “faces” still around, and many others that are new to me.
I’ll be doing the customary lurking but wanted to letcha know that I’m out here, in left field, taking in the “ambiance.”

I’ll take the opportunity to say, “Hey!” to everyone that frequented the old boards, and, “Hello” to those who didn’t.

Ummmmmm…where’s Gus, with that bottle of tequila?

(The Original EnigmaOne)



Howdy, glad to meet you don’t know you,don’t know gus, don’t know where the Cuervo is. Got some cheap mescal but the worm fell out and walked out the door. Didn’t even close it behind him.

H E Y ! Welcome back!

Gus comes over here from time to time. He was lurking for a while, back when you could actually read this thing every day without skipping threads.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen him on the NewsGroup that Opal single-handedly arm-wrestled into existence:

I know he still hangs out at the (now closed, but available if you have the AOL address–along with a subscription to AOL) AOL/SDMB.


What do you mean available if you still have the AOL address. What is it, can I have it?

Formerly known as Nec3f on the AOL SDMB

{{{no C&P}}}

Nec3f, sorry…Joey P…good to see ya again. Here ya go!

"This is lurking?

(The Original EnigmaOne)


Um that gets me to the SDMB2 the board Kingsly got started at Aol’s ACLU site … anybody got a n adress for the old aol board?( I got a new puter and just disconected the old one and haven’t transfered my favorites yet)

Well, Quarterat, you can try


but it comes back as invalid for me. Hope you have better luck than I did.

(The Original EnigmaOne)

Thanks I went to SDMB2 and there was a link there if you change the 5 at the end to a zero it seems to work. Oh yeah welcome back!


¾È ³ç, ÁÖ µ¿ ÀÏ