"He's not my President"

As I’ve often heard that sentiment about the current occupant of the office, I trust there’s not a problem with my saying that of the incoming occupant.

Ready to be Pitted.

p.s. For further Pitting ammunition, I voted “Yes” on AZ’s Prop 102 “Definition of Marriage”.

don’t worry. I really don’t care if you call him your president or not. I don’t really care about your other retarded opinions either, so if you’re dead set on bigotry then so be it.

Seems to be a bit trollish. I’m curious why you wouldn’t have a sense of pulling together in an American way, regardless of who was elected. Maybe you’re not American?
But no, I don’t have a problem with you saying that. Sorry.

:: shrug ::

Welcome to being outside the political mainstream, dba Fred. Your party’s mandate is gone, your party’s leadership is in disgrace, and your party in general is in open retreat from even safe seats. I empathize but I know it’s the best for the country as a whole.

Of course this was actually first used when Clinton was elected. Stupid then, stupid now.

Saying “he’s not my president” is a little bit like saying … well, I dunno. It’s early and I can’t think of a good metaphor.

If you’re an American citizen, he’s your president (elect.) Saying he’s not, don’t make it so. Deal with it.


I remember American friends saying it about Nixon. How about just saying “I didn’t vote for him so don’t blame me”?

I remain totally confident that all those right-wing commentators who insisted that allegiance to the office of the POTUS was required of all true Americans will continue to hold that viewpoint once Obama takes office, because they are fairminded, principled people.

Forgive me if I am wrong, but - even though now it has been adopted to some extent by people who just don’t like Bush - wasn’t the anti-Bush ‘He’s not my President’ based on the controversy surrounding the circumstances of his election to the office?

If this is the case - and I’m not sure, that’s just the context in which I remember I first started to hear people express that sentiment - then wouldn’t your use of it in reference to President-Elect Obama be, you know, baseless - regardless of how satisfying it might be to throw the sentiment back in the faces of Bush-haters? At least they could put forward some semblance of a reason why he was not their president - yours would be ‘I don’t like him so therefore he’s not’.

Do you know anybody who’s gay? What are your thoughts on homosexuality? What in particular about gay marriage do you find problematic?

Rush on yet? Is today “America Held Hostage 2: Electric Boogalo: Day 1” yet?

Good thing I’m not your president, because I’d be tempted to round up all the bigoted troglodytes, tie them up, prop their eyelids open with botulism-soaked toothpicks and force them to watch as their guns are melted down in bible-fired smelters against a backdrop of gay interracial porn and late term abortions.

So count your blessings…
No, of course I wouldn’t do any such thing, FTR…

Oh, come on! Not even one gun? One itty bitty bible? You have no spirit!

So…you’re a masochist?

Uh-uh. Bullshit. You don’t know what the motivations are, and until he/she says “i didn’t vote for Obama and he’s not my President because he’s black” you can only guess and look what good guessing has done for the past 8 years.

The fact dba Fred is that he IS your president, like Bush is ours until January. You can say whatever it is you want, freedom of speech and all that, but we’ll never so much as slouch even an inch closer to the future if we keep this up.

I can now sleep well at night knowing that my thoughts and opinions are retarded and based on bigotry, while yours 5-HT, why they must comes from the lips of angels or pure analytical logic.

Perhaps it is trollish in that I was seeking a response/reaction. It was also a seeing if the shoe fits on the other foot, I don’t remember seeing “pulling together in an American way” after Bush’s elections and about Bush I did often hear/read “he’s not my president.”
Yes I’m an American, how could I have voted otherwise? (No, ACORN didn’t register me.)

Yes, I’m an American citizen, born and bred, first voted Ford vs Carter in 1976. even a post-draft veteran.

Bingo! I never heard a real-life person (American) say “he’s not my President” about Nixon, Carter, Reagan or Clinton but have heard and read people say that about our current President. So I’m growing and evolving, if the other side’s opinion is acceptable, then I too can hold it.

Yes, with the memory of expression of recent non-right-wing commentators on the current POTUS, I too will expect a reciprocal fairminded, principled allegiance.

That’s what I find inexcusable. Why would you deny people the right to marry the person they love, when it will not effect you in any way? Are you concerned they were going to make SSM mandatory or something?

Voting for McCain I simply disagree with, but that’s a reasonable position to take I simply don’t share. But voting against something that wouldn’t affect you in any way, either for spite or hate or squeamishness or to enshrine your personal religious beliefs into law, fuck you. Fuck you sideways with dead rotting elephant.

And I don’t give a fuck that I’m in the minority opinion.

He is your president, and I never liked people who said that about Dubya, either. It’s simple enough to say, “I didn’t vote for him,” which is what I have spent years saying about Dubya. But no matter what, he IS your president, if you are a citizen of the US.

Only if you have a good reason. You are just a bigot opposing Obama before he’s even in power.

Bush was correctly hated and reviled, shunned because of his deeds. Because he revealed himself to be an incompetent war-monger who did more damage to the USA in 8 years than any President in the last 100. Because when faced with a challenge he flunked it every time.