Hetero Dopers - If a person is very attractive, but gay, do you still find them sexy?

Just curious. If there is very attractive man or woman you know to be gay, how would that play into your perception of their overall attractiveness or sexiness (to you)?

For example, back in the day when she was just doing stand up, and well before she came out, I used to think Ellen Degeneres was quite cute in a quirky way. When she came out of the closet my perception of her as “kinda cute” vanished, and she was no longer even tangentially attractive to me.

On the same note I kind of wonder what’s happened to Clay Aiken’s rabidly enthusiastic “Claymates” now that he’s out of the closet.

Are you kidding me? Nothing hotter than a fine looking lesbian.

I am extremely attracted to lesbians, whether or not I am aware that they are.

I have no real ‘gaydar’ per se, but probably 7 of 10 times I am head over heels in crush with someone, they are a gay woman.


If they’re hot, they’re hot gay, too. Gay men are definitely hot. Often they keep themselves in great shape, too.

It doesn’t really matter. This guy is gay, but hot. Conversely, I thought this guy looked dorky before he came out, and my lack of esteem hasn’t deepened any.

Well, since I’m gay myself they get even hotter. :wink: Going the other way, a hot straight guy is still hot. Has nothing to do with who he would prefer to sleep with.

Sure, many gay guys are very attractive. Well, I spent at least half of my teen years crushing on guys who later came out of the closet*, so I guess that will tell you something…
*Small town. No one came out until college.


The hottest men I’ve ever been in close proximity to were the cute boys walking around a gay club in their Speedos, as entertainment for the customers. I could not have been more turned on by them…yummers!

Most of the draw for both versions of Queer as Folk for me was the men. Not all the actors are gay but there is plenty of hot gay bod all over those shows.

I’m male and I don’t care if a woman prefers women. If she’s hot ------ she’s hot.
The joy of fantasy is that anyone can be into me!

Hot is hot.

Don’t matter that I got no chance at all… I got no chance with a LOT of attractive women; doesn’t make then any less attractive.


I have found out a woman was a lesbian either shortly before or shortly after asking them out on several occasions, so yeah (straight male, duh)

If I find them hot their sexual preference doesn’t matter. I don’t see why that would change. Maybe for real life acquaintances you might file them away as lost causes and not think about pursuing them anymore but if they were eye candy before they’re still eye candy after, at least to me. As for celebrities, I can’t see changing my opinion at all. It’s not like you were going to sleep with them anyway.

One of my wife’s friends is openly gay (they’ve lost touch a while ago), and even knowing this didn’t stop me from wanting to be a little flirty with her.

If I’m attracted to someone… Well, I just am.

BTW, Ellen’s new woman? HOT.

Some of my most intense crushes have been on gay women. (I’m sure there’s a ‘can’t have’ factor going on there)

It’s funny, in hindsight, I remember trying to think of ways to turn said crushes straight, just once.

Thankfully, I never tried to follow through with some of the crazy ass ideas I had going on in my head.

Too true. Although I would avoid mentioning my attraction to her if I should ever meet Rachel Maddow in real life.

I usually find them *more *attractive.

I find Portia de Rossi hot.