Hey Alberta Dopers - Howzabout those storms?

Holy crap! I have never seen constant lightning and thunder for two hours like that before! Along with torrential rain and hail. We were out tooling around, and decided not to take Deerfoot home in the midst of the torrential rain, and it looks like we made the right choice, as we see later with the underpasses flooded and water up to the tops of mini-vans.

I have a nice view of Nose Hill Park from my front door; I stood there for a long time, watching strike after strike on the park. I love a good storm, but this was so intense that it was starting to scare me a little, especially when the glass-shaking thunder booms were right on top of the lightning!

You guys all good?

Just got in from the north, Mum called when I was half way home and strongly recommended Sarcee :slight_smile:
I hear Glenmore was a wreck.

Damn you global warming! You too God.

You had snow just a few days ago, at least up by Edmonton , and a friend tells me a Tornado touched down just outside Stony Plain , when are the cows gonna go flying?


Shh - don’t give anybody ideas.

It rained like a sonofabitch last night, it’s coming down buckets right now, and the flood waters from the mountains are due any day. Once again I’m glad to be living on a high point rather than in a valley.

Hey, y’all made Google News. Aren’t you proud? :smiley:

No problems here. The cats went into hiding, but my wife and I just sat back and watched. We’d been out earlier, but made it safely home before the storm hit. We knew they had cancelled flights without needing the news–we’re up near the airport, and the lack of planes taking off and landing was noticeable.

Hope today’s drizzle is moving south–I’ve got to drive to Edmonton later today, and I don’t fancy going all that way in solid rain.

We’re fine.

I got in just before it really started (stopped downtown after work to take my learner’s test… I passed!) and convinced Mom to stay in and not go grocery shopping as planned. Then it just started coming down.

So I spent the evening in my bed, cuddled with with a shivering Velociraptor and his 30 million teddy bears (Okay, we only had 7, and some of them were mine) until it finally stopped spitting lightning and we drifted off to sleep.

This morning by the time I got to work, I was soaked to the knees, and am still a little damp.

Thankfully we’re at a high point ourselves, so we won’t have to worry about flooding. knocks on wood anyway

Thanks for passing the thundershowers to us by Friday, Alberta! :mad:

Seriously, I’m glad everyone’s okay. How are the major rivers doing?

The major rivers are high, fast, and muddy.

Those were some awesome pictures in that link, Duck. I knew there was massive flooding, but 14th Street getting washed away? That’s one of our major thoroughfares! I just realized that that was the road I would have taken last night if I’d gone out as planned - it was coming down too hard, and I just stayed home instead. Good call, it sounds like.

Amusingly enough, the hubby had to reset his clock after a power bump last night, and wound up setting it about 30 minutes fast.
Which worked out well, cause it meant he saw the news that Glenmore was closed and was able to leave at 6 rather than 6:30 to get to work.
We’re up high too.
I’m glad we weren’t at Chinook last night - I saw pictures of my favorite parking spots under water.

We had about 3 feet of water on our street in the SW, it was coming up our lawn. We also had some light hail. It made me a little nervous as we flooded two years ago (sewer backup), and I do not want to go through that again now that everything has been fixed. That was some intense lightning and thunder that was hitting awfully close.

Hopefully there is not too much damage to the plants.

Okay, got great pictures!
House on fire from lightning strike
SUV up to windshield in water
Lightning strike behind house (I’m not surprised they were able to get shots of lightning strikes - I have never seen lightning that continuous before)
Lightning again
Boat in street
Other house on fire
Floating car?
Underpass under water
Cars in flooded street
Another flooded street

This was all from about three hours of rain. Earlier yesterday I was out mowing my yard.

I was listening to CBC (I have satellite radio) on the way in to work this morning and heard about the tornadoey weather around Stoney. I have two aunts and their families, and my grandma living there. I called my sister (in Yellowknife) to call to check on them, since I didn’t have their numbers handy. All’s well with them.

Mom, in Barons, said it was just enough rain to give them a nice soak on their gardens, and enough lightning to replenish the nitrogen in the soil.