Hey, Attrayant, (and others) I'm not *that guy*.

In a completely unrelated thread, Attrayant asked me if I was this guy.

I am not.

However, to add to the Lincoln-Kennedy thing,
We both have similar screen names.
We are both male.
We both live in Maryland.
We both have personal websites.
We both registered November 2000.
We both enjoy sleep.

This is mere coincidence. Honest. No socks here, no sirree.

As y’all may know, I was Spritle for about 600 posts and needed a change. I wanted a name, not a word. I considered:
Holden MacRoyne
Ann Onymous
Jess Wunrin
Justin Case
Ted Nubrowski

I chose Holden simply because I once played a show under that name and it got a laugh or two. Had I known that there was a holdenmagroin out there, I wouldn’t have gone with that choice. Of course, I mean absolutely no disrespect to holdenmagroin.

Why am I posting this?
Attrayant asked.
I want to publicly state that I am not “socking”. [sub]I get the impression that this is frowned upon.[/sub]:slight_smile:
I get to practice my {list} code.
It’s either post or do work.

That’s it. We now return you to your regularly scheduled debauchery.

Ah, well I guess I never got the memo about your name change. All has now become clear.